Meet the Core Team

Mountain Moves was founded by us with the intention of bringing high quality AcroYoga retreats to Switzerland. Our passion for sharing AcroYoga around the world for years is now being poured into Mountain Moves with a lot of love, fun, and lightness. Every year we look forward to welcome dozens of new and old friends to our events and to share this time together creating precious moments and memories. You can read more about us individually below.


Gabriel is an Acrobatics & Yoga instructor, as well as Massage Therapist with more than 17 years of experience. Gabe is well known for his unique and precise way of teaching. His passion for bodywork gives him the opportunity to welcome and embrace people from all walks of life and encourage them to find freedom through movement and touch. 


Lorena is an AcroYoga teacher sharing her excitement for movement, empowerment and quality of communication. Loli loves turning things (and people) upside down and exploring new perspectives on life. She is passionate about empowering others and showing them what is possible. She is also a linguist, life coach, HD analyst and an avid learner always in pursuit of the new and inspiring.


Lars had many deeply inspiring teachers over the past years who led him along the path of movement. He is a certified Yoga (500h) and AcroYoga teacher and has had a regular practice for over 8 years. You can expect to get challenged both physically and mentally but you will always leave his class with a smile on your face. 


Guest Teachers and Assistants

We are please that we are able to bring you many different guest teachers and assistants from all over the world. Each guest teacher brings their personal flavours and unique approaches to our retreats, so you can expect something new every time! Here’s some of our past guest teachers who taught at our events. 

Slava (CA)


Slava is an international AcroYoga teacher and founder of the Movement Flow System. From learning Capoeira from Brazilian masters to studying with Shaolin monks in China, he’s been fortunate enough to work with some of the most talented and skilled individuals in the world of movement and is now sharing his knowledge with the world.


Yannis (CH)


Yannis is a physio therapist, certified Partner Acrobatics teacher, climber, and an all-around movement enthusiast. Teaching AcroYoga at university and for AcroYoga Bern, he is passionate about sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for AcroYoga and other types of movement. He might just be the most energetic person you’ll see on the mat, so beware! His infectious nature will leave a lasting impression…


Sheilina (CH)


Sheilina is captivated by the world of movement and human interaction, be it defying gravity through acrobatics, climbing adventures, or training handstands. In AcroYoga, she loves the playful challenges, group dynamics and deciphering the fine details that lead to the success of a new move. She finds joy in being upside down and exploring various forms of movement and teach them to others with a joyful smile.

Luigi & Francesca (IT)


Francesca and Luigi are certified AcroYoga teachers from sunny Sicily, and driven by their passion for practicing and sharing AcroYoga around the world. Luigi is a Thai and Chinese massage (tuinà) therapist,  taiji Chuan and meditation teacher..  
Francesca comes from the world of dance and is a psychologist who loves the special way in which AcroYoga connects people and enables them to support each other with an open mind, work on personal strengths and boundaries, and experiment with “being in the present moment”. 

Annette (AR)


Annette is a multifaceted professional: Yoga and AcroYoga instructor, Movement Flow teacher, Ontologic Coach. With ten years of experience, she has been sharing her passion for movement across the globe. She believes in personal healing and transformation through movement and community, two things that AcroYoga brings together perfectly.


Hannah & Alexis (AT, VE)


Hannah and Alexis met traveling the world, going from acro festival to acro festival. They are both yoga teachers and love combining the dynamic solar and calming lunar aspects of AcroYoga in their practice and teachings. Get ready for playful flows, slacro and fun pops and icarians! 

Dasha (RU)


Dasha is one of the most well-known ladybases in the AcroYoga scene. She is extremely precise and creative, coming up with unique flows and tricks that inspire AcroYoga communities around the world. 

Mélanie (CH)

2022, 2023

Mélanie has been with us almost from the start and brings gentleness and confidence to our classes. While she mainly teaches AcroYoga with us, you might get lucky and also catch some Slackline inspiration from her.